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Clog Be Gone provides licensed, bonded and insured sewer and drain cleaning service to residential, commercial and light industrial customers of greater Chicagoland.

Along with traditional power rodding and hydro jetting techniques used to remove clogs and restore drain and sewer lines, Clog Be Gone utilizes Bio-Clean, a safe and highly effective waste eliminator for restoring drain and sewer lines to maximum flow. For more information on Bio-Clean click here.

We service:

  • Single family homes
  • Multi family homes
  • Apartment buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Strip malls
  • Hotels
  • Commercial
  • Light industrial

Clog Be Gone also offers Root-X foaming root control. Root-X destroys roots in sewer and drainpipes on contact without harming the environment or your pipes. Root-X combined with mechanical rodding can eliminate root based clogs from your pipes allowing sewer and drain lines to flow as designed. Click here for more information on Root-X.

For more information on our full line of products and services click on the respective links in the left hand margin.

We service:

Most of Cook County and Dupage County
Call us to confirm if we service your area.

Fax: 708-409-5197


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